Quality of life is very important, and taking care of yourself is a part of a guy's life.

This is something we understood when after years of working in business and design we started to think about what really matters when you live ina modern city


I grew up in Łódź, in the men’s world of daredevils, guys who were loyal and authentic to a fault. My dad was my superhero and guard. This was a world where rules of the game were tough and I had to learn how to play. I was proud to be part of the world which valued freedom, persistence and risk-taking –just like Tadeusz Kosciuszko, our hero! I understand guys, I know they need space. And I want to give them that space.


Craft was valued at my home –my grandpa made leather accessories. When something broke –it was mended, not thrown out. Independence was like oxygen to me, and I let my inner rebel shout out in punk songs. While working for a business giant I travelled all over the world. What I saw is that the world is huge and there is a place for every oddball.

Robert Chrzanowski


My grandpa and his three sons had a hair salon –an all-male enclave in our village. To this day I still have my grandpa’s guild certificate. His fourth son, my father, could not work with them because of his allergy to artificial substances. And today, knowing that cosmetics should be healthy and friendly, I am using all my business experience to build a brand of modern men’s cosmetics with a barber soul.